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2011 Women's Beginning Running Group



2011 Survey Results


Thank-you to the 22 people who participated in the survey.  I'm happy to report another successful year for the Women's Beginning Running Group. Joe and I have reviewed the survey and will make a few changes next year, yet keep a lot of things the same. Based on comments, our main concern is the size of the group. We have to balance the current low cost of the program with number of participants. Decreasing the size of the group means increasing the cost. We will still make shirts optional next year, but we will offer sleeveless shirts instead.  There's not much we can do about shirt sizing. For example, I bought shirts in the same size and brand in three different colors and each shirt has a different fit with one being un-wearable.  Maybe we can order a few extras so if someone is not happy with their size they can do an exchange. I'm glad everyone liked the logo. It was my pleasure coaching this group.

1. Rate your expectations of the Women's Beginning Running Group:

  • Fell short of my expectations = 0%

  • Met my expectations = 13.6%

  • Exceeded my expectations = 86.4%

2. Rate the usefulness of the weekly lectures:

  • Very useful = 59.1%

  • Useful = 36.4%

  • Not very useful = 4.5%

3. Which of the following lectures should be repeated the next time this program is offered? Select all that apply.

  • Static stretching = 90.5%

  • Dynamic stretching = 90.5%

  • Nutrition = 85.7%

  • Heart rate training = 71.4%

  • Training tips = 95.2%

  • Women's safety = 76.2%

  • Race etiquette = 85.7%

4. New items were added to the course packet this year. Which of the following should be included in next years course packet? Select all that apply.

  • Coach bios = 100%

  • Mentor photos = 90.9%

  • 5K pace chart = 90.9%

  • Overview of training plan (not including training logs) = 100%

  • Articles corresponding to weekly talks = 95.5%

  • Participant list = 90.9%

  • Comments:

    • I think that the packet should include some helpful links to useful websites for beginner runners, for setting up additional training runs, nutrition, etc. Otherwise, I thought the packet was great!

    • Maybe address of the participants. I have a lot of new neighbors and don't know them all. Would help in finding a running partner in my area.

5. Rate the usefulness of completing the training journal and feedback.

  • Very useful = 86.4%

  • Useful = 13.6%

  • Not very useful = 0%

  • Comments:

    • Words of encouragement were appreciated.

    • I liked it. Writing things down helped me figure out what I was doing wrong (or right!). Having Joe's comments let me know if my thinking was on track or not. A lot of times, he was giving gentle encouragement and assurance.

    • View the progression; feedback encouraging & helpful.

    • Great to get comments back from Joe on our journals!

    • I especially appreciated Joe's thoughtful comments and suggestions. I greatly benefited from his comments. Thank you!

    • Couldn't have done without the journal. Joe's comments were helpful and inspiring. Having the journal to fill out reminded me when run days were and prompted me to do my homework or in other words "run".

6. In previous years we had a speaker on form and this year we broke it down and had a weekly form focus. The form focus was listed on the top of each page in the training log. Rate the usefulness of the form focus.

  • Very useful = 59.%

  • Useful = 31.8%

  • Not very useful = 4.5%

  • I would prefer to have a one-night program on form = 4.5%

  • Comments:

    • Breaking it down worked for me. If you give me too much to think about while I am running, then I tend to forget something. Or I think I am doing it right and I am not. By breaking it down I could focus on one thing at a time and work on it before adding something else.

    • I liked it broke down, easier to digest.

    • I like the idea of having a one-night program on form, with quick, weekly reminders (single focused) each week.

    • To much information to comprehend prior to running would be a bad idea for me due to the fact that I have just come from a very hectic day of work and exercise is my way of shutting down for a while to get away from it.

    • I found this very useful I would read to make sure I was doing what we needed to do.

    • gave me something new to think about each week. If there was a speaker just one time, I think things would have been forgotten.

7. If you purchased a technical shirt (cost was $15 in addition to the program), please rate the following.

  • I am satisfied with the quality of the shirt = 80.%

  • I am dissatisfied with the quality of the shirt = 13.3%

  • I am satisfied with the front logo = 86.7%

  • I am dissatisfied with the front logo = 0%

  • The cost of the shirt was reasonable = 86.7%

  • The cost of the shirt was unreasonable = 0

  • The shirt should be an additional cost to the program = 66.7%

  • The shirt should be included in the cost of the program (program cost will increase by $15) = 20%

8. What is one weakness of the program?

  • The program ends when the 5k goal is met

  • I wish there would have been an introduction session at the first meeting in order to get to know the other members. If people came in with running buddies already, it is likely they only talked to the people they knew already.

  • More specific feedback on breathing and form would be helpful.

  • Didn't get to know other runners as well as I wish I would have.

  • My only complaint about the whole program is that it is so hot in the summer months. I hope that I do not regret not signing up for the second session.

  • The group was so large it was hard to get individual attention from mentors/coach.

  • Too many people. Didn't get to know anyone.

  • I thoroughly loved the two mentors with whom I ran each week - they provided tips and helpful reminders and were great motivation throughout. However, I would have liked to have a one-on-one run with you, Coach Kelly, to really improve my running. I know that it's not possible for you to do an entire run with each participant, but even running with you for 5-10 min would have been more beneficial.

  • I love the mentors but I did not have one every time we met. I am a loner type person find it hard to ask for assistance that is not offered to me. I did break that barrier by the end of the program. Maybe mentor could be assigned specifically to participates.

  • I would have preferred to run in the morning but I know this wouldn't work for most peoples schedules.

  • I thought the program was wonderful and it exceeded my expectations.

9. What is one strength of the program?

  • Very informative and you cover all the basics.

  • This program was exactly what I needed to motivate me to run consistently. I love how the running was broken down in the overview of training. The small increases in the run each week made the goal attainable and pressured me to keep up with the program. Really glad that I found a partner to run with, that helped with my success. The weekly form focus was very helpful for me too. The coaching was very helpful. Your advice about breathing, how to set a pace, and when it is ok to walk were instrumental to my success.

  • As long as you keep on track with the program, you will be able to complete the 5K goal at the end.

  • Having all the mentors is a real plus in this program. Very seldom did I see anyone running alone. A mentor was usually somewhere close by. They were able to answer most questions, they watched our running form and helped with corrections. And each and every one of them were very encouraging, no matter what level of runner you are.

  • Mentors; especially helpful to me was Mary who ran with me the most; Meredith and Myriah also ran with me - I'm very very slow...but they made sure I was not left behind.

  • I loved the accountability of running with a group.

  • Being able to run with others, the log helped me to focus on what I needed to do and establish a routine (it was like homework, I knew I needed to do it!)

  • Support and experience of you and Joe, I always felt better after I talked to you or asked a question. U got me through my shin splints!

  • The encouragement from the mentors and coach Kelly and coach Joe.

  • I enjoyed having the schedule and staying on top of the runs to prepare for the weekly meetings.

  • Lots of support! Didn't matter what speed I was running, there was always a mentor to be there with me. At one point, I had a mentor catch up to me because she didn't want me running alone! That was excellent!

  • Running with a group provides motivation and encouragement.

  • I think that because you are unable to spend quality one-on-one time with each participant, the mentors are wonderful, both in motivation and to help with during-run form focus. Also, the lectures and supplemental information is crucial to continuing healthy and safe training / runs in the future, for us newbies. Having us keep a journal and Joe taking the time to provide his valuable insight also helped me to stay motivated as well as understand my runs and the factors affecting my runs.

  • Joe and Kelly's knowledge. Starting slow and growing each week with great encouragement from mentors, other participants and coaches.

  • Great flexibility to work at your fitness level, wherever it is. And to schedule your workouts within your schedule - very important.

  • It is very well planned out. The training progresses at a steady pace and coaches are very approachable.

  • I like that we had 1 mentor for 2 people. I think this really helped we with the program.

  • I love the log and the fact that Joe reads them and comments. It's great for accountability but also a great place for us to ask questions and interact with the coaches. I feel that this is not just a group of runners but a couple who genuinely care about sharing the joy of running with us. You truly care about our progress.

  • How quickly you can go from not running at all to completing a 5K!

  • It's a really good program. Both coaches are obviously really well prepared and committed. The lectures, the training log, and the feedback all exceeded my expectations. I expected to just meet up once a week and run. Having a training plan laid out for me was terrific, and I know for a fact that I increased my time much more dramatically because of the support/pressure of the group and the coach's running plan/expectations for me. I am not entirely new to running, but I learned a lot in this group and dramatically advanced my fitness.