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Julia Williams: I worked with Joe since I started training for my first marathon in fall 2010. After running my first half marathon earlier that year, I was injured and burnt out. I wanted running to be a sustainable, enjoyable and rewarding activity and knew I needed help with that. Joe's training plan gave me focused, effective workouts that prevented over-training and burn out. I surpassed my goal for my marathon running 10 min under my Boston qualifying time. Moreover, I became a much stronger, smarter runner. I continued with Joe throughout 2011 and had a incredibly successful year, taking over a minute off my 5K time and nearly 6 minutes off my first half marathon time, qualifying for the New York marathon. In addition to avoiding injury, Joe helped me improve my form and pacing ability. Joe was always supportive and encouraging and continued to play a significant role in helping me achieve my running goals.

Jeff Grider: Working with Joe has pushed me further than I imagined I would go with regards to my fitness. Over the course of one year, I went from a casual runner to a competitor, and I directly attribute this to being a student of Coach Bails Running. Joe helped me consistently improve, stay healthy, and remain motivated through 14 half marathons and two fulls from January 2011 to January 2012! Even as I transitioned to training for an Ironman, I continued to work with Joe for his guidance and expertise. I'm very grateful to have worked with someone who believes in my goals as much as I do!

Ricki Alford: Joe Bails has been a fantastic running coach and mentor. Since working with him, I have set new personal records in several races. He pushes me to achieve my best while helping me set realistic goals. Joe has helped me find a more efficient stride, worked with me through injuries and most importantly, helped me maintain a healthy level of fitness through pregnancy. He is dedicated to his clients and to the sport of running. He has become an essential part of my training.
Vance Martin: After running my first half marathon I decided I'd try a full.  Thanks to Joe I was able to finish my first full marathon, and along the way set some PRs on a half and a 5k.  I shaved 10% off my half pr.  Joe was willing and able to work around an injury I had and several time commitments to make my training plans work for me.  He's been willing to meet to discuss upcoming races or to meet for track work.  When I began running I followed general plans which got me through an event.  With Joe's help I was able to follow the plans and succeed at events.

Debra Studniarz: Coach Joe was recommended to me after running for a couple years and a few half marathons. I wanted to take on the challenge of a full marathon. Joe's coaching helped me gain confidence during speed-work and also helped me change the way I thought about my running. The coaching was very flexible, incorporating area races and runs with friends or family, as well as developing strategies for long runs. Really gave purpose to each mile, even if the purpose was "fun". The training and advice I received from Joe I will use indefinitely, and the success of completing my goal will last a lifetime! A good value and a great investment.

Dona Abel: Joe Bails helped me become a better runner. I thought I was destined to always be the slowest runner in every group, but he proved that is not the case. I was able to and did get faster with his guidance. He was always available to answer questions and to give me encouragement before a race. Hes helped me become a more confident runner, which makes me a more confident person. Highly recommended!

Form Analysis

Jim Dobbins: I was lucky enough to meet Joe and work with him on problems I was having with my running form. He has excellent knowledge of both the physiology and the bio-mechanics of running and he was able to make slight changes in my form as well as to recommend more appropriate shoes. Since making these changes I am back to running with pleasure instead of pain.