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Reflexive Performance Reset

Our bodies have two priorities for optimal performance; to breathe and to move correctly. Most athletes and people, in general, do not. So their bodies find a way to meet those priorities by creating harmful and inefficient compensation patterns.


Compensation patterns are the root cause for many non-contact sports injuries, as well as, every day aches and pains the can limit our performance. RPR is a technique that uses specialized wake up drillsTM to shift our bodies out of these patterns and reduce pain, increase flexibility, and help our bodies become more resilient to injury. These wake up drillsTM use special reflex points that reset the body out of these compensation patterns, and the cool thing about it is that we all can these wake up drillsTM ourselves, thereby taking control of our own health and performance.


However, the RPR system is more complex than these wake up drillsTM. It actually starts with a certified RPR specialist identifying what the body is currently doing with simple strength and flexibility tests, so that changes can be clearly measured later. The next step is to reset the body into breathing correctly, and then, as needed, reset the rest of the patterns throughout the entire body to get it into performance mode. Once reset, you should experience reduced aches and pains, increased flexibility and be more resilient to injury.


We have found with most of our clients and athletes that we have performed a full reset on, that they have felt results that were immediate, massive, measurable and, for some, unbelievable. We have seen improved performance in running, soccer, basketball and everyday functional movement.


Joe is a certified Level 2 RPR Specialist.


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To find out more about the story behind how RPR started and who the founders are, check out the Reflexive Performance Reset page


Here is what some of my clients and athletes that have gone through the RPR system have to say:


"I remember being healthy all season and once state week came around I started getting beat up. Although the reset can be uncomfortable and somewhat painful during the process, I believe it to work. The results were near instant and I felt more flexible afterwards. I think getting reset also has a mental aspect to it, you feel invincible shortly after because your head tells you so and as runners we believe it. I would 10/10 get reset again." - Gabe Pommier (former Mahomet-Seymour distance runner, currently running for North Central College)


"The RPR sessions were wonderful. I did not know what to expect from the process but felt it definitely released the tightness in my hips and glutes. Due to those issues and the piriformis, I was nervous I would not make it to the starting line of my fall Half Marathon. I completed sessions during training and one a few days prior to my event - I started and completed the race without issue." –Nancy McCarty


Reflexive Performance Reset is not a treatment for injuries and is not intended to treat, fix, manipulate or otherwise replace medical advice and/or treatment. It is intended as a means to a more effective way to get maximum performance out of athletes and to help keep them injury free.