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Kelly is a certified nutrition coach through Precision Nutrition. Her habit-based coaching program focuses on teaching life-long nutrition strategies in order to achieve good health, body composition, and performance goals. Clients will be held accountable while they learn to control energy balance, choose nutrient dense foods, and proper timing of snacks/meals. This is not a one-size-fits-all diet. Everyone has different body types, food preferences, budgets, nutritional knowledge, social support, and time for planning/cooking meals. Each client's nutritional plan will reflect those differences. The focus is on nutritional education, food quality, nutrient dense foods, controlling appetite and food intake. This is a long term approach to weight loss that can be sustained indefinitely.

The process starts with comprehensive questionnaires on medical/lifestyle/exercise/diet history, a 3-day diet record, readiness for change, kitchen environment, and social support. Once these forms are submitted, the coach will identify limiting factors and behavior goals. The next step is a one-on-one meeting to discuss limiting factors, behavior goals, and set priority habits. Clients will receive their program (a daily habit checklist) in two week segments. Clients are required to report on their progress each week and submit the checklist at the end of every two weeks.

In addition to the above, clients may receive additional education on grocery shopping, eating on the go, sugar, fat, fruits and vegetables.

This is not medical nutrition therapy. If you have a health condition (diabetes, heart disease) or illness that requires medical nutrition support, please see your physician or a registered dietician.


Cost: $300 for 12-week nutrition coaching program. Additional months of nutrition coaching cost $50 per 4-week plan.

If you are knowledgeable about nutrition, at a healthy weight, want to maximize your performance, but do not require 12 weeks of accountability and nutrition coaching, sign-up for a nutrition consultation. With this program, you will complete a client information questionnaire and a 3-day diet record. Coach Kelly will review your information, write-up an analysis and recommendation, and meet with you to go over the results.

Cost: $75

Client Nutrition Testimonial by Jen Kassem

I have struggled with my weight on and off since I entered into high school. When I was in my 20's, I had success in reaching a weight loss goal of 30 lbs. I basically followed the fad diet at the time, which was eating as little fat as possible. I also exercised twice a day. As I progressed through college, marriage, and then having my first child, the weight came back on (and some). I have now entered into my 40's, and the weight seems to be harder and harder to lose.

Over the past few years, I had been introduced to the sport of running, and had been working with Coach Bails Running (Coach Kelly) to accomplish different goals. I really developed a love for the sport and was able to accomplish all of the goals that I had set for myself, including running my first half-marathon in October 2014. I felt great, and had so much more energy, but I was still significantly overweight and not happy with my body. I was so hopeful that running would enable me to lose the weight. I did end up losing about 30 lbs., just from the running, but still had not reached my weight loss goal. I seemed to have hit a plateau. After talking about my frustrations to Coach Kelly, I soon came to the realization that running alone was not going to get me to reach my weight loss goals. I had to do something with my eating habits.

Coach Kelly told me about a nutrition coaching program that she had been certified with called Precision Nutrition. The program was so different than anything I had tried in the past. It is not a "fad diet" plan or a "quick fix". The Nutrition program designed to address the underlying issues and barriers that clients may have with adopting a healthy way of eating. It is definitely a one-of-a-kind program, that is very customized to each individual. The program involves gathering a specific amount of data on each client, so that it may be customized to fit their needs. Coach Kelly did an excellent job of assessing my needs and gradually implementing new habits for me to integrate into my lifestyle. She was very professional and always checking in with me regarding my progress. As long as I am following the habits, I am continuing to see progress and weight loss! This is the first time in many years, that I am finally seeing results! I am no longer of the mindset that "This is just how my body is" or "I'm 40 now, and I just can't lose weight anymore." I have lost an additional 15 lbs since working with Coach Kelly and the Nutrition program, and am still working towards my goal! If you are ready to make the commitment, and are looking for a long-term and healthy way to lose weight, then the Nutrition program with Coach Kelly will get you there!