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Meet the Coach
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Joe Bails
  • M.S. Kinesiology

  • Certified Running Coach, RRCA

  • Certified Level 2, Youth Specialization, USATF

  • Certified Level 1, Track and Field Coach, USATF

  • Reflexive Performance Reset Level 2 Certified Specialist

  • Certified Coach, American Sports Education Program (IHSA and NFHS recognized)

  • American Heart Association CPR & AED Certification

  • American Red Cross Sport First Aid Certification


Coaching Philosophy

Why I coach: To help individuals achieve their true potential

Who I coach: Beginners, first time finishers, runners seeking to maintain fitness, and personal record (PR) seekers.

Distances I coach: 1 mile to ultra-marathons


How I coach

  • Provide leadership and guidance

  • By listening to each runnerís needs

  • By reviewing the latest and best methods of training

  • By respecting each runnerís wishes and goals

  • Provide specific training to include intensity and frequency to meet each runnerís goals

  • Provide encouragement of preparation and improvement

  • Open communication and an emphasis on the runnerís involvement in the process of developing their training program

What to expect from me as a coach

  • Knowledge Ė classroom education, coaching certifications, and almost 30 years of running experience

  • Character Ė honest, patient and dependable. All runners are treated with respect, kindness, openness and fairness.

  • Motivation Ė encouragement, feedback, and each runner is accountable to his/her training schedule.

  • Support Ė I hope to earn each runnerís trust, confidence and respect by being sensitive and supportive.

Each individual will receive a customized training plan based on their physiology, their training and physical/injury history, and the principles of physical training. I seek to understand the strength and weaknesses of each runner, so as to best help them reach their goals.

More on Coach Joe

Joe's running career started in 1988 as a member of the high school cross country team. He was no longer able to play football because of an injury. He didnít train like he should have over that summer, so the first week of workouts was very tough (and it didnít help that his Dad was the coach and knew that most of the team was not prepared for the season). Joe thoroughly enjoy the experience of running and competing that year, and it got him hooked on running. Since that first real run in high school, he has completed almost 300 races. He also volunteered at the USA Track & Field Olympic Trials in Eugene, OR in 2008, 2012 and 2016 with his Dad.

While Joe works with runners of all abilities, his specialty is coaching intermediate and advanced runners, age group competitors, and youth distance events (400m, 800m, 1500/1600m). 

Joe runs because he enjoys how it makes him feel. It provides a great outlet to relieve stress and to think, and it offers tremendous benefits to fitness and overall health. But what he really loves is that he can share his knowledge and experiences with others, and is able to help them achieve goals that they have set. Through the different courses, workshops, readings and personal ups and downs, he is able to offer guidance to those that are just learning or that desire to improve their performances.

Additional Professional Development

RRCA Convention 2008
ACSM Personal Trainer Workshop 2010
Chi Running Workshop with Danny Dreyer 2010
Run S.M.A.R.T Retreat with Jack Daniels 2013
ACSM conference 2011, 2013
Perform Better Functional Training Summit 2014
Recertified USATF Level 1 coach December 2015
Certified USATF Level 2 Youth specialization coach July 2016
Central Illinois Track and Field Coaching Clinic 2015, 2016, 2017
   - Presented on MSJH Track & Field program (2017)

Coaching/Running Experience

Owner, Coach Bails Running, LLC, established 2011
Kinesiology Instructor, Parkland College since 2010
Sales Associate/Manager, Body n' Sole Sports since 2010
Personal running coach since 2009

Next Generation Middle School Track & Field and Cross Country Coach 2019-present
Mahomet-Seymour Junior High Track Coach 2005-2018
Mahomet-Seymour Junior High Cross Country Coach 2012-2018
Parkland College Women's Soccer Conditioning Coach 2011-2017
Race Director for the Bulldog 5K 2013 & 2014 (fund raiser for MSJH XC and T&F programs)
Race Director for MAYC half-marathon and 5K 2004-2013

Race Director for Inaugural Illinois Marathon 2008-2009
Second Wind Running Club board member 2004-2010
Running, competitively and recreationally since 1988

Race Experience

1 mile through 15K: 200+
Half-marathons: 30+
Marathons and ultras: 7

In 2012, Joe ran in 40 races to celebrate turning 40 years old. For a more in depth report on the challenge, visit 40 Races.

2012 Joe and clients